A trick, this is how it started. Can we get a camera in on this? Three people in the room, two together on a double seat, one in an armchair facing the other two. The middle figure, a man in a suit, blue shirt, no tie, asks the figures on either side to present to the other an image, a word. It would seem like a free choice. Each asked to look to a space just beyond the other, but close. Each to send something across, to imagine a screen in their mind. That screen gets bigger and brighter, it forms in front of them. It is bigger and brighter still. An image, a word. They transmit it across. They send it across. They say it silently over and over. The man begins to click his fingers in percussive emphasis to the instruction. They keep staring and staring, the silent voice louder and louder. Break. The figure to the right, in the armchair, is handed a sheet of paper and a pen and draws. An object, a product. Without seeing, the figure to the left, on the double seat, describes the object aloud. It is not quite the same. But it is close. Of all the objects they could think of. Of all the products out there. Direct me to that moment. What I’m doing is telling you to think of that moment. Signal house-lights up. Shifting in the seat. Thinking of that moment. “You’ve never failed to astonish us.” The video skips back. Repeat scene. “I do fail sometimes, it doesn’t work all the time”. Download. Watch the scene second by second. Learn more. Master The Art And Science. Have utmost trust and confidence in your decision-making. Remain clear, calm and methodical in dealing with setbacks and losses. Acquire a rock solid professional winner’s approach. Stock Trading Subliminal DVD. Link. Trade on Oil / Gold / Gas ETC. Mobile APP, No Fees, Free Bonus. Start Trading. £20 Free Bonus. Learn More.

Script It must be consumed as soon as it is produced (2012), written for use within video work by Scott Mason, and presented as part of Appropriation Beyond the Object, Banner Repeater, London, July 2013.