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THE MIRACLE METHODS SERIES: Distance Readers (2012)

THE MIRACLE METHODS SERIES is a host for episodes that consider the nature of the game and the forecast.

The latest incarnation Distance Readers comprised four silent moving-images. At the centre of each 'Reader is a game where four winds – East, South, West, and North - are indicated as players and oracles. They are protagonists within a speculative fiction, in which their playing pre-empts spaces beyond, predicting the future in a series of present events. A 'distance reader' is also a term used within the context of card-sharping and the act of marking cards to cheat, where it is the defocusing of the eyes to spot fluid residue on an opponent’s distant cards. The 'readers' here are regular players in a Mah Jong group in Weymouth. The work was first broadcast as an intervention between adverts and travel-updates on council information screens, and embedded into Olympic programmes on BBC screens, installed on the beach in Weymouth. It developed from a performance for Lucky PDF TV at Frieze Projects in 2011, A Luminous Reader.


THE MIRACLE METHODS SERIES: Distance Readers (2012), 1 - 2min per episode, HD, colour, silent. Images 1 - 4: documentation, Portland and Weymouth 2012.