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Inside the book, an ever-changing spectacle unfolds [2015]

Script loop on autocue (monitor and angled glass panel, metal stand and clamp), 9 min, 37 sec, DV, silent.

Inside the book, an ever-changing spectacle unfolds is a silent, script presented as a continuous loop on an autocue, typically used for political speeches and live presentations. It develops research from Another way of reading [2014], a residency at Swiss Cottage Library, a Grade II listed building designed by Sir Basil Spence in 1964. The script functions as a speculative screenplay for a film, in which characters - a Witness, Alchemists, Geologists, Scribes, Readers, and Prophets - propose various forms of knowledge though which to re-imagine the library building, as a book to be read.

The work was first performed as a reading with Phil Coy during the London Open at Whitechapel Gallery in July 2015, then installed in the Foyle Archive and Reading Room, and shown at Swiss Cottage Library Gallery, alongside Derek Jarman's drawing 'Plague Street' [1971], selected from the Camden Art Collection.


Images: 1. Frances Scott 'inside the book an ever changing spectacle unfolds' [2015], film still; 2. Installation view, Foyle Archive and Reading Room, Whitechapel Gallery, London [2015]